Strange manners of using the cell phones

Misuse of cell phones

I read how every one uses ,rather misuses the cell phone.

Cell phone is always in the hand,in the pocket,near the desk,near the bed,in the bed,while we eat,drink, or go to loo even,is it not strange?

When we take it in the bathroom,and back on dinning table right that instance,is it not strange?

Is it a right thing to do!

Someone was telling me,"don't put your cellphone in your breast-pocket".

I said,"what happens"?

It will affect your heart,and cause you big heart problem,was the advice.

I don'

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Govind | Reply 22.12.2013 21:44

Hi MA,

I read your article about mobile phone misuse

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happy new year

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Be That happy, so that when others see you, they become happy too.

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All is good,find out

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