Strange manners of using the cell phones

Everything has begninning ,end comes after long pause

When we begin something,we are so enthusiastic ,very excited,hopeful,dreaming and planning about the future.but abrupt end makes us sad.

We have to think very sincerely, how to keep up with our future planning,and make every effort possible,to succeed in our adventure ,never give up,try and try again,success is wating for us,we only have to keep going.

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Govind | Reply 22.12.2013 21:50

Hi MA,

The above mentioned article is true and something happen to all us in our daily life. According me the solution is being natural and believe in God.

Lav | Reply 20.09.2012 02:13

It's ok

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happy new year

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Be That happy, so that when others see you, they become happy too.

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All is good,find out

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