Strange manners of using the cell phones


When we think,what ever,good or bad,and keep thinking that,same ,again and again,that changes our psyche,and it makes us to move in that direction.It becomes our Deed,may be good may be bad,if our mind likes it,we keep doing same thing again and again,

And that becomes our habit,that makes our personality.

Think on this,comments welcome.

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01.01 | 16:04

happy new year

17.12 | 19:53

Be That happy, so that when others see you, they become happy too.

07.09 | 15:27

All is good,find out

16.08 | 20:40

What we think,that we are.
Your Looks,your behavior,tells others what we are.
We have to keep watch on our thoughts.
It's fine subtle vibrations that matters.

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