Strange manners of using the cell phones

I read how every one uses ,rather misuses the cell phone.

Cell phone is always in the hand,in the pocket,near the desk,near the bed,in the bed,while we eat,drink, or go to loo even,is it not strange?

When we take it in the bathroom,and back on dinning table right that instance,is it not strange?

Is it a right thing to do!

Someone was telling me,"don't put your cellphone in your breast-pocket".

I said,"what happens"?

It will affect your heart,and cause you big heart problem,was the advice.

I don'

When we begin something,we are so enthusiastic ,very excited,hopeful,dreaming and planning about the future.but abrupt end makes us sad.

We have to think very sincerely, how to keep up with our future planning,and make every effort possible,to succeed in our adventure ,never give up,try and try again,success is wating for us,we only have to keep going.

When we love some one ,may be our family,Friends,or if we love our possessions  like our house ,our car ,and when we loose anything of those,it makes us miserable

When we think,what ever,good or bad,and keep thinking that,same ,again and again,that changes our psyche,and it makes us to move in that direction.It becomes our Deed,may be good may be bad,if our mind likes it,we keep doing same thing again and again,

And that becomes our habit,that makes our personality.

Think on this,comments welcome.

This summer was very beautiful,little warmer than past summers

While walking thru sheds of green trees and summer flowers,you feel soothing touch of mother nature,

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happy new year

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Be That happy, so that when others see you, they become happy too.

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All is good,find out

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